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Crooks Hollow

Crooks Hollow


Sunday, Jan.02/05
Notes: The following pictures posted below were sent in to me from a vistor to my site. They were all taken by Alex and his three daughters on their brand new digital camera.
"As you can see, we found many orbs in both locations. Just to let you know, it was not snowing outside but raining and slightly misty. Some of the pics had no orbs whatsoever. We were extremely excited ourselves and were definitely surprised at what we found. The girls all stated that there were certain places that were very cold & one of the girls said she smelled something odd at the Mill (when they were leaving).  All the pictures were taken on Jan. 2, 2005 late afternoon, early evening."





In all of the pics above you can notice a lot of ORBS and ORBS in motion within the actual site. I think that the little ORB-like circles/dots might just be rain or some type of percepatation.





Once again in these pictures above you can see all of the ORBS and the ORBS in motion. Also those little ORB-like circles/dots appear as well. These pics were taken outside and around the site.

Sunday, Oct.30/05
Notes: Well of course this night was the infamous 'Devil's Night' and boy did it ever feel like it too. Before we even got out of our car we could sense a very strong prescence there. All of us did. It was a very negative and eerie feeling. The unwanting feeling of someone watching us. It was a very creepy night. 



Both of the pics above were taken as soon as we got there. This was taken from the driveway enterance facing the structure. This is where we felt the strongest prescence. As you can see there was definately something there. There are a lot of ORBS and thick Ecto-mist in both of the pictures.

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