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Screaming Tunnel

Screaming Tunnel

Niagara Falls

Sunday, June.12/05

Notes: To be honest with you, there didn't feel like there was very much energy here this night. Did not get as much activity as I hoped. I guess it just wasn't a good night for ghost hunting!



Here are a couple pictures of the entrance of the tunnel. There are a couple ORBS scattered around both pics.



You can notice the ecto-mist forming around the top right corner of the pic on the left. The pic on the right has a couple ORBS in it as well.



The pic on the top was taken at the back end of the tunnel and the pic above was taken as we were leaving the tunnel. Both pictures has some ORBS floating around in them.

Friday, Jan.06/06

Notes: The following pictures listed below were taken and submitted by my friend Jen Haines. Back in 2003 she used to come out with me and my friends when we first started to go out on our hunts. Now she goes out on her own and takes some very awesome photos. Thanks again Jen, keep up the good work!!!



In both of the pictures above you can notice a very strong prescence in the form of thick Ecto-mist.


In the pic above you can notice all of the ORBS showering the entire photo.

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