Blue Ghost Tunnel

Blue Ghost Tunnel

Niagara Falls

Located just off of Glendale Ave. After coming off the QEW (from hamilton), go about two stop lights then turn right on the first street after you pass the second light. Follow this road right to the dead end.
For the best walking directions please visit Hamilton Paranormal's page for The Blue Ghost Tunnel.
A very strange, yet interesting fact is that me and 2 other known groups have had trouble finding this place. On all of our 1st (seperate) attempts we could not find it, even though we had exact directions. We all then gave up and left. Then on all of our 2nd seperate attempts found it perfectly without any problems. Odd eh!?
Is it haunted?
It sure is. The story is that there was a fatal train accident that killed 2 men in the early 1900's . Then 10 men died during a lock 6 accident later on in the 1920's. 8 men were killed on site and then 2 more later on in hospital. And then after the 2nd accident another one happened killing 8 men as well.

Sunday, Oct.31/04
Notes: Halloween!!! A lot of activity on this night. Lots of strange sounds and noises coming from the surrounding area near the tunnel and path. The feeling of being watched and someone behind you appears frequently. A very cold and negative feel in the tunnel as well. The path that takes you to the tunnel leads to many different paths into the forest which is pretty cool, so that you can go on your own hike.



The two pics above were taken in front of the main enterance as soon as we got there. You can notice the ecto-mist in both of the pics. The pic on the left has it on the left-hand side and the pic on the right has it on the right-hand side.





You can notice all the ORBS in the middle of the tunnel in most of the pictures above. The pic above on the right has an ORB in motion near the centre of the pic.





The 1st two pics above were taken where the tunnel seperates from cement to wood. You can notice lots of ORBS near the top of the both pics. There are many ORBS in both sides in each of these pics above. Especially the top left corner of the pic on the right.



These pics were taken as we were leaving the end of the tunnel. I turned around as we were walking back and took these 2 shots. I did so because i felt the presence of someone walking behind me and looking at us. Look at all the ORBS that appeared in both pics.



The pics above were also taken as we were on our way back out of the tunnel. This spot is where cement and wood meet. You can see ORBS all over both pics.



The pic on the left was the last picture i took as we exited the tunnel. You can see the ORBS throughout the whole pic. As well as some very faint misty residue at the top in the tunnel. The pic on the right is of the moon and sky directly above the enterance of the tunnel. Caught some action up here as well!!!

Sunday, June.12/05
Notes: This night almost exactly replicates the last time I was at this tunnel on Halloween. This time there was a really foul smell surrounding the whole entire area around the tunnel. It smelt like rotten meat or carcas, very gross. When we reached the end inside of the tunnel, we heard what seemed to be a very faint howl and barking sound. It came and went throughout our walk into the tunnel but was mainly heard at the end.





You can notice all of the ORBS throughout all of the pictures above. From the start of the tunnel right to the middle.





Again, you can see all of the ORBS that continue to appear as we progress along in the tunnel. In the pic above on the left-hand side you can notice the mist-like affect happening on the left side of the picture. 





The pics above were taken towards the end of the tunnel. ORBS are still appearing quite frequently in all of the pics.



In the pics above you can notice the ecto-mist appearing throughout both photos. The one on the left was taken near the middle of the tunnel as we were leaving. The one on the right was taken at the entrance of the tunnel as soon as we got out of it.

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