Devil's Punchbowl

Devil's Punchbowl

Stoney Creek

 Located on Ridge Road towards the escarpment. Just east of Hwy. #20 (Centennial Parkway). You can reach the punchbowl by coming from either the Toronto or Niagara areas, by taking the Centennial Parkway exit off the QEW. Take that road all the way up towards the escarpment. So you will be heading South up Hwy.20, NOT North towards the Lake. Keep on going straight up the hill onto the escarpment. Turn left on the 1st street (just before the top of the hill) on the left-hand side, called Ridge Road. Follow the road and brightly lit cross until you reach the parklot. It will be located on the left hand side of the road.
For the best and most comprehensive story about the history and facts about this famous site please visit Hamilton Paranormal's page on the Devil's Punchbowl.

Is it haunted?
I would say so. There have been many different stories floating around out there of this site. It is the look out point over the west side of Stoney Creek and Hamilton. Located on the top of the cliff of the escarpment over a gorge/valley like bottom. There have been many rumors of deaths, accidents and suicides over years. All very serious and tragic events of course. This site is worth the drive and visit in itself. So go visit it for yourself and you be the judge. You can even walk down a path/trail to the bottom of the bowl. Enjoy!!!

 Friday, Mar.25/04
Notes: The following pictures listed below were sent in to me from Donna, a visitor to my site. The following information listed of that night and the pics themselves as quoted by her. "We have been there a few times and got some strange photos. It was a clear night and we were shocked to see the photos when we got home. And no we were not smoking lol. They were taken on March 25 2005 (full moon) around 8pm. I do have a lot more with orbs in them. Dave Willson took them on a digital camera."





In all 4 of the pictures posted above. You can notice a very strong, powerful presence. There is a lot of ecto-mist clouds forming around in all of the pics. As well in about 2 out of the 4 pics you can also notice lots of ORBS around the mist as well. One other pic has a couple ORBS floating around in it too.

Note: I do plan on visiting this site very soon for my own personal investigation.

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