Dundas Elementary

Dundas District Elementary School


The address of the school is 397 King Street West, Dundas. You can reach the school from coming down from Flambourgh (Crooks Hollow) by taking the hill downwards. This site is right beside the forest which has the "mysterious bench". 
Is it haunted?
Well there was a train wreck that killed 18 people at the old Dundas Trainstation. The basement of the school was used as a temporary morgue for the accident. As well, there is a rumor or urban legend that 5 caretakers at the school made a deal that whoever died first would come back and haunt the school.

   Sunday, Jan.02/05
Notes: The following pictures posted below were sent in to me from a vistor to my site. They were all taken by Alex and his three daughters on their brand new digital camera.
"As you can see, we found many orbs in both locations. Just to let you know, it was not snowing outside but raining and slightly misty. Some of the pics had no orbs whatsoever. We were extremely excited ourselves and were definitely surprised at what we found. Also in the pics with my daughter by herself, she stated she was extremely cold.  The last pic is a picture of my daughter but for some reason, this was the only picture that was totally out of focus---you could not make out her facial features, just the glow of her face. My daughter found it 'creepy' and extremely cold in this one spot which is located at the back of the school yard. All the pictures were taken on Jan. 2, 2005 late afternoon, early evening."





In the pictures above you can notice all of the ORBS around the back yard of the building. Also notice the exact same orange ORB in every picture with the girl standing in it.



In the pic on the left you can see once again all of the ORBS surrounding the back of the school. The pic on the right is a very interesting photo. You can see all the ORBS around her, as well as that same orange ORB like in the other 3 previous photos with her in it. You can notice that her face and body seemed to be blurred, but everything else around her to pretty clear and visible. She stated that this spot was extremely cold and that she felt weird and creepy.

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