Louis Road House

Louis Road House


Located on Louis Road just off of Hwy. #8 in Winona. Louis Road is located on the right-hand side of  Hwy. #8. The house is the 1st house located on the left side of the road. It is abandoned and all boarded up. If coming from both the Toronto & Niagara areas, take the Fruitland Road exit off the QEW. Turn South up Fruitland Road, towards the escarpment, NOT the lake. Turn left @ the Fruitland Road & Hwy. #8 intersection. Follow this road until you hit Louis Road.
Is it haunted?
Well I assume or at least think so. I went to high school right down the road from this house and it had always been abandoned. At least for the last 8 years or so, since 1997. The rumor has it that there were either an apparent suicide or murder in this house. I'm pretty sure it was a suicide and every year on the night that it happened you can see the person in the top window. Lots of weird noises and occurances have happened in this house. Very creepy looking house none the less, especially at the back where there is an opening through a big window under vine branches.

Saturday, Apr.11/04
Notes: Calm night, pretty cold, but not windy at all. Very creepy feeling walking around this house. Seemed like something was watching us. Very uneasy feelings, especially around the back of the house. There is a big window covered in vines in the back that has an opening inside the house. This is where we heard some very strange noises and sounds coming from inside this little room. Did not actually go inside the house this time around, maybe next time!!!



These two pictures above are of the front and side of the house. You can notice the ORBS that were caught in these photos.



You can notice at least 1 ORB in both these pics above. Ther are also some little ones that you cant even really make out, but they are there.



In the pic on the left, there are lots of little hard to see ORBS on the brick wall. That really bright white looking block on the left side of the picture is just the camera flash from the side wall, nuthin supernatural at all. In the pic on the right you can notice lots of ORBS throughout the whole picture.

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